Bar-A-BBQ, nestled in Montgomery, Texas, stands out as a hidden gem among barbecue restaurants. Only 45 minutes away from Bryan-College Station, it is located just off 105 as you approach Montgomery’s downtown area from the west. This establishment embodies the authentic spirit of Texas. The property faces north towards 105, featuring the main building at the front, an outdoor dining area to the rear, and a smokehouse positioned behind it, complemented by a charming play area for kids on the side. The inclusion of a play area is a thoughtful touch, allowing parents to enjoy their meal while keeping a watchful eye on their children playing just a stone’s throw away.

The culinary experience at Bar-A-BBQ was nothing short of excellent – easily the best barbecue I’ve tasted. The brisket slices showcased a beautiful smoke ring and boasted the most delectable bark imaginable. The brisket practically melted in the mouth, offering a truly indulgent experience. Alongside the brisket, we savored the jalapeño cheddar sausage, barbecue chicken sandwich, beans, and potato casserole – each dish as good as the brisket itself. The entire meal justified the journey and every penny spent.

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