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The internet can be overwhelming, especially when trying to pick the right domain name. Our local marketing firms will tell you, picking the right domain name can help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). What does that mean? Well picking the right domain name can help your website be found quicker by potential customers.

Keep It Local

When making your website stand out from the crowd, think about the locality of your business. For example, our website,, showcases BCS in our domain name. BCS is short for Bryan-College Station and it is an often used acronym when describing the area where our business operates. You could also consider using city or state names in your domain name.

This local business has used their local indicators (Aggieland) as well as the type of business (travel). 

Keep it Simple Silly

You want your customers/clients to be able to easily remember the name of your website and/or business. Don’t make it complicated, do not cut off words, and keep it as short as possible.

Los Angeles International Airport, LAX, has gone with a great domain name. It is short, only 6 characters long, and to the point. Fly with us at LAX. 

SEO Keywords

Use relevant keywords when creating your domain name. It should be intuitive for not only the visitor of the website but also the search engine. Think about what your future clients will be typing into the search engine when searching for the services you provide.

This domain name gem is straight to the point. It has the service they provide (plumbing) in the location they service (college station). No wonder it was first in my search results when looking for a plumber.

.Com or .US?

Using a domain extension for the local country could help users find your business easily as well. It is debatable whether or not .com or the location specific like .us is better. I prefer to stick with .com for credibility, but it is something to consider.

The above website went with a .us extension and it makes perfect sense here as the website’s content gives U.S. voters information on U.S. voting information.

Wrap Up

Remember choosing the right domain name is super critical, it is a pain to go back and try and change your domain name especially when it is the same as your business name. Type in some basic keyword searches into your local search engine and see what pops up. What themes do you notice from the top search results?

When you find the perfect domain name but it is taken or for sell and you want to negotiate the price, contact BCS Referrals ( Let us go to bat for you and help you acquire the perfect domain name for your business.

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